Britney Spears Engaged

Congrats to our girl Britney – and let’s hope that” the third time is the charm!”

If you didn’t hear, Britney Spears became engaged to her longtime boyfriend (and former agent) Jason Trawick on Thursday night, as they dined on his 40th Birthday!

Britney then tweeted out Friday morning:

“OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo”

From talking with friends in the record industry and out in L.A., the two are legitimately happy together and legitimately in love. I believe this will last for both of them, unlike the famous 55 hour Jason Alexander marriage or the marriage to Kevin Federline.

Cool Britney story.

I got the chance to meet her backstage the first time in the summer of 1999, during the “Baby One More Time” tour. It was the only time my entire life where I froze up, like in the movies. She looked at me with a huge grin and was giggling, because she could tell I was nervous. She said, “And what’s your name?”

I told her, we chatted a bit and I was on my way. She was extremely sweet that time and each subsequent time. Out of hundreds of meetings/interviews, that’s the only time, to this day, I’ve ever been nervous.

Also, we found out after the concert, while dining with a couple of people within her management, that she was the ultimate down to earth girl. At that time, she would come back to the hotel and take a bubble bath most nights, and stay in. She was fairly private and just a college aged girl living the dream. Even with the cute stickers on her cell phone!

I’m very happy for her and Jason!