R.I.P. Heavy D

I am writing this as of 10 PM on Tuesday, November 8th, and I am shaken up about the death of Heavy D.

Obviously, he was a true icon in the ’90’s, and one of the true forefathers of rap becoming what it is today. Who can forget his contributions, including the smash hit song “Now That We Found Love,” and doing the theme song for In Living Color. Another little known fact about Heavy D was that he also starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the vastly underrated film called Life, which came out in 1999.

Since this note is being composed on the same day he passed, there is no cause of death yet, but early signs point to something to do with his heart. There is also a rumor that he had or was just getting over pneumonia.

Apparently, Heavy D was returning to his Beverly Hills home around lunch when he had trouble getting up the stairs and could hardly breathe. 911 was called and he was rushed to the hospital, but sadly, at the age of 44, Heavy D was taken from us.

I send my prayers out to his family and friends, first of all. And from a selfish perspective, I am very distraught that his infectious voice will no longer be around to grace us with new material.

However, his contributions to the entertainment industry are far and wide, and will never be forgotten.

In sum, Heavy D will always live on.

R.I.P. Heavy D, aka Dwight Arrington Myers.