Mariah, J-Lo and…Beavis??


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were on 20/20 this past Friday night, their first dual interview since the birth of their twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

The interview was cool because Barbara Walters visited them at their apartment in New York City to discuss marriage and parenthood.  During the visit, Mariah sang her 2005 hit “We Belong Together.”

Speaking of Mariah, with the weather starting to get cold, I’m stoked to start hearing “All I Want For Christmas” soon.  But hopefully, soon doesn’t mean before Halloween!

In other news, Jennifer Lopez now has her own home and clothing line, which is exclusively available at Kohl’s.  And there are some pretty cool items available, such as some sexy dresses for the ladies!

Next, we discuss 90’s artists Beavis and Butt-Head. Okay fine, they weren’t 90’s artists.  But was there a more vintage 90’s television show involving music?  Anyway, great news involving the two – the re-launch date for the new Beavis and Butt-Head television show on MTV is this Thursday the 27th at 10 PM Eastern. Yes, this Thursday!

Lastly, by request from Sarah in Rapid City, I’m happy to announce that I’ve “hunted down” Boy Krazy singer RuthAnn Roberts for an interview, which should be appearing on the show and this website before the end of November!  The Boy Krazy story is a very interesting one, with five United States girls being promoted only in the UK in 1991, before the record label nearly dropped them.  Then, a radio station in Denver played “That’s What Love Can Do” by chance in 1993 and the record label got intelligent, pushing the single in the U.S.  The rest is history, and I can’t wait to speak with RuthAnn about this, and so much more, in the coming weeks.

Got a 90’s artist you want an update on?