Gerardo, TLC & More


Interesting that before this month, I hadn’t heard anything new about “Rico Suave” singer Gerardo in several years.

However, I saw an episode of VH1’s “Top One Hit Wonders of the ’90’s” a few weeks back and Gerardo was featured. It was neat because he spoke of how his kids are just now realizing that he used to be a star, and they make fun of him for always taking his shirt off!

Then earlier this week, Gerardo made headlines for suing a man named Fernando Garibay, whom he helped discover and land a lucrative deal for in 2007. Garibay has gone on to work with Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Sting and others. It is reported that Gerardo is looking for at least FOUR MILLION dollars in saying he was never compensated as he should have been!!! We’ll see what comes of the lawsuit.