Ricky Martin, Lisa Loeb & M

I suppose this story puts a new meaning into “Shake Your Bon Bon.”

Ricky Martin recently disclosed that a couple of fans once climbed and hid in a ventilation system to meet him. And the funniest part is that Ricky admits he was naked at the time, when he heard weird noises coming from the vents in his hotel room.

Upon checking and discovering the fans, and being the cool guy Ricky is, he took photos with them and even gave out a couple of autographs. No word on whether or not the fans saw Ricky’s Bon Bon or not!

Meanwhile, if you wear glasses and are looking for something extremely cute, check out the Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection.

That’s right, the “Stay (I Missed You)” singer has a line of eyewear out! More information on that can be found at www.lisaloeb.com

I always had a big crush on Loeb, and hope to have her on the show in the coming months.

Finally, we update you on Sisters With Voices, or SWV, who had big 90’s hits like “Right Here/Human Nature Remix,” “Weak” and “I’m So Into You.”

If you log on their official website at www.swvonline.com , you can vote on how they should reunite. One option is “Reunite with Brian Morgan,” and the other is “Start fresh.” I won’t tell you what I voted for, but I will tell you its exciting to see the ladies get back together.

Have a great week, and hope you’re ready for the dog days of summer, because they’re here!