Mandy Moore, TEB & More

So I’m going to be completely honest this week…. my feelings have been really hurt by Mandy Moore in recent months.

Before I explain why, let me first tell you that I LOVED her late 90’s and early 2000’s “bubble gum pop.” In my book, “Candy” and “I Wanna Be With You” were both great pop songs that sent positive messages to younger music fans. Plus, they were catchy.

Then there was the movie “A Walk To Remember,” which gave us the best Mandy Moore song of all time, “Only Hope.” I used that movie and that song on many first dates and mix CD’s, respectively.

So imagine the horror I felt the other day when I read that Mandy is forever DONE with chick flicks.

This was like pouring salt in open wounds, because about a year ago, I read that she was also “ashamed” and “embarrassed” by her early music.

Sure Mandy, you’re embarrassed… But how does a 30 year old man feel for being a diehard fan of it?!?! Ouch!!!

Next, there was a VERY unflattering photo of Sinead O’Connor floating around this week. It showed the mid-40’s singer performing backup vocals at a concert and looking much different than she did in 1990 when “Nothing Compares 2 U” hit #1.

My response? Of course she looks way different, it’s been 21 years and she’s 44!

But do we need to write a story about her photo and basically openly mock her? Absolutely not. I was very offended by the story and I won’t quote the source right here, because I don’t want to support their web stats in any way.

Sinead is a great woman and ultra talented, and shame on the “news outlet” for essentially berating her for her looks. That’s very, very sad.

Last, after two depressing stories, I end with some cool news!