MB20, Sophie B. and More

I  bring you nothing but GREAT news today about many ’90’s artists with new material on the way!

First, Matchbox 20 has been working on a new record since last September, and as of this week, are back together finalizing it. They’re even going to start playing shows together later this summer and fall, with the first scheduled for July 9th.

Matchbox 20 is actually an interesting story. Technically, they never really broke up; rather, Rob Thomas wanted to pursue more as a solo artist and different members of the band also wanted to branch out on their own. The plan was always for the band to reconnect at some point, but it didn’t ever seem like it’d be four years! (the boys last album was in 2007 – Exile On Mainstream)

Sophie B. Hawkins, meanwhile, hasn’t had a full studio album out since 2004, when Wilderness hit shelves. I’m happy to report that will change this fall, when Dream Street and Chance will be released. A portion of money made will be donated to Waterkeeper Alliance, which protects our water supplies throughout the world. We should be catching up with Sophie on the show some time in August.

Next, Edwin McCain, who will also be on the show soon, will release an album on August 30th, entitled Mercy Bound. It seems like just yesterday that Misguided Roses came out in 1998, and that “I’ll Be” hit the airwaves. I will always remember that song as being one of the slowest moving singles of all time. It was the song that would never die, and stuck around forever, en route to crossing the Top 5 on multiple formats. McCain is one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet, so its awesome to see him still plugging along with success all of these years later.

Finally, I have made a connection with the girl group Divine, which had a #1 hit in 1998 with the song “Lately.” I recently spoke with both Kia and Nikki from the group, and they informed me that they’ll be releasing a new album in the near future to follow up “Fairy Tales.”

Divine’s story is very intriguing; they hit #1 on the pop charts with that song, and the album hovered around #40 for quite some time. Yet, they were never granted a second release. Why?

We’ll find out soon enough, as the ladies are also slated to join us on the show.

Do I do anything besides hunt down ’90’s stars? Not really! Have a great week!!!