Jewel, Depeche Mode and More

We start this week by congratulating Jewel and Ty Murray on the birth of their first child earlier this month.

Kase Townes Murray is a healthy boy weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

And just to clear up the rumors, it IS true that his hands are small he knows, but they’re not yours, they are his own. (Ta Da Dum!!!)

Our next stop involves Depeche Mode and an embarrassing moment that just won’t go away!

Back in late 2009, the band was performing in Peru when they apparently sent a shout out to the wrong country, saying, “Thank you very much, Chile!”

The band, however, contends they were just saying, “Thank you very much, Good Night!”

Either way, the clips keep showing up on-line and the band can’t seem to get away from them.

That reminds me of the old school Snickers commercial when the guy is on stage and says, “Whatsup Cleveland?!?!”

The backup singer whispers to him, “Cleveland was last night.”

Then you get the, “Wanna get away? Grab a Snickers.” Loved those commercials!

Know what else I loved?

The 1997 movie “Men In Black” and the 2002 movie “Men In Black II,” starring our boy Will Smith!

And great news if you liked those films, as coming in mid-2012, its “Men In Black III,” which will feature the big screen debut of Nicole Scherzinger, along with all of our old favorites. Galaxy defenders!

Have a great week.