Jessica, Allanah and More

Though she’s not remembered as a 90’s artist, Jessica Simpson DID have her first hit in late 1999 with “I Wanna Love You Forever.” In fact, she opened for 98 Degrees that fall and met her future husband (Nick Lachey) while on tour!

Since then, Simpson has morphed into a full-blown pop star, then a big sister to an aspiring pop star (Ashlee), then a reality show star (“Newlyweds”), then an almost country star and now once again, a reality show star.

That’s right, NBC recently announced that Jessica will be a mentor and help guide aspiring designer contestants in a reality show called “Fashion Star.” Contestants will be competing for a multimillion dollar contract to launch their own brand! Thus far, no launch date for the show.

That’s the positive gossip I have to report this week.

Now, some bad news.

Alannah Myles, who most remember for the 1990 hit “Black Velvet,” last week said that she had “overdone things” at the chiropractor. Apparently, the Canadian star had undergone over 500 treatments in three years and suffered spinal damage. She is currently unable to move her neck and head, and has to walk with the aid of two canes.

The good word?

She’s still doing some concerts and promises to have a new record coming out in the near future. I know all of us here at Round Trip wish Alannah the best and a speedy recovery!

Finally, Go West is making music again, with a three part album called “3D.” Currently, you can pick up two of three parts (with the third released late this year) AND a Go West DVD with all of their music videos, live performances, etc. More information can be found at and look for Peter Cox (lead singer) of Go West to be joining us by the end of the month for a live interview.

That’s it for this week – stay cool with the summer heat and with 90’s hits on Round Trip With Dave O!