Mulberry Lane

Mulberry Lane is a very interesting story for me to tell, as I was distantly involved with them being discovered and signed to a record deal.

Before we talk about that, however, let’s refresh ourselves on who Mulbery Lane was and is.

First of all, the groups name came from the street they grew up on in Omaha, Nebraska, as Mulberry Lane consists of the Rizzuto sisters (Heather, Racheal, Jaymie and Allie).

After finishing high school at various points, all of the sisters followed a similar path, graduating as Chi Omega’s from the University of Nebraska at Omaha while chasing their passion of singing and music. By the late ’90’s, they were very well known throughout Nebraska and at this time, began talking with KFRX in Lincoln, Nebraska where I was working at my first radio job.

I don’t recall the exact details, but I know that Mulberry Lane was friends of our radio station and in particular, with Program Director Sonny Valentine and the KFRX Donutholes morning show. I know that Sonny went to bat for the sisters with record people she knew and shortly after, the group was signed to a deal.

By 1999, the song “Harmless” was on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached as high as #23 on the Adult Contemporary (AC) Chart and #43 on the Pop Chart. I can still remember Rick Dees calling the sisters “lovely and beautiful” on his weekly Top 40 and them doing various shows for our radio station.

Shortly after 1999, the group moved on from the record label and largely disappeared on the national scene, though they never quit being active in Nebraska.

Today, they are prominently back in the news again, as they released a Christmas DVD this past year, did shows on PBS, had a #2 holiday hit nationally on the AC radio format and sung the national anthem at the Sugar Bowl, NASCAR races, etc.

The sisters have an official website, , and for old times sake, I’ve pasted the video for “Harmless” below. Please enjoy it!

Mulberry Lane consists of four beautiful sisters who I can tell you are great people – I encourage you to dig up some of their old music on-line.

Until Next Time – Dave O