Amanda Marshall

I can without a doubt say that Amanda Marshall has more soul in her pinky finger than I do in my entire body. If you aren’t familiar with her music, a quick scan of You Tube or I Tunes is a necessity – I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be impressed, if not hooked.

But just WHO IS Amanda Marshall?

Well, that remains a bit of a mystery, especially today, as Marshall has largely disappeared from the public view in recent years thanks to (mostly) a longstanding legal dispute with her record company that began in 2002. To this day, only those close to the situation know what the battle is about.

Meanwhile, the former graduate of the famed Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto (where she’s from), who once opened up for John Mellencamp, will pop up from time to time at a concert, or occasionally be hunted down for an interview.

Otherwise, her official website ( looks to have been widely deserted, with the last official update coming in 2003. Her album “Intermission,” which is a collection of singles, is available and promoted there.

That is both good and bad news for fans of her music, as it shows that while she’s not currently super active putting out material (at least publicly), she still must have an inkling to do so.

Thus, those of us who remember and love the song “Birmingham” (which hit #43 on the Billboard Hot 100) can hold onto the hope that one day soon, Marshall will reappear with new material and get back on the road again.

Or, as she herself wrote in “Birmingham” back in 1995:

“Seems the dreams she had have all turned black and blue. She’s wasted years, no time for tears. ‘Cause there’s another chance and someday soon. Shining like the Alabama moon.”

Enjoy the video below and someday, I hope to have Marshall on the site to tell her story!

Until Next Time – Dave O